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RENEWtrients Organics 

      Sustainable fertilizers straight from the farm

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The top 8" of soil stands

between us and extinction.


Sustainable Fertilizing 

To protect future generations,

we must begin with our own.

Sustainable fertilizing leaves the land healthier and more productive after application than before.  It returns fertility to the soil and does no harm to the environment.  


For thousands of years, we have relied on manure for sustainable fertilizing.  Manure returns priceless organic matter to the soil and provides a total nutrient package for increased yields and naturally healthy plant growth.


RENEWtrients is chicken manure, but it isn't compost,  litter or dried pellets.  It is “digestate”, nutrient-rich manure which has been processed through an anaerobic digester to remove odors, kill pathogens, and convert unusable ammonia into readily absorbed ammonium, a stable form of nitrogen which will not burn, leach or volatilize. 


RENEWtrients, liquid and granular, presents an opportunity to literally change the world by preserving and protecting our soil with recycled, concentrated nutrients and organic matter from a sustainable, renewable resource.   Making a confident, conscious and conscientious choice to fertilize sustainably starts with RENEWtrients to nourish and protect our top 8" of soil for future generations - starting with our own.    

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